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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My aim as a writer is not only to entertain but to inspire my readers. I spend half my life cozying up to my characters, eager for them to take me by the hand and show me around.

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About Me
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About Me

As a native of Detroit, Michigan, author Pamela Towns majored in English at the University of Detroit Mercy.  Shortly thereafter, her writing career began to flourish, making its way to publications such as, Essence magazine, newspapers, online articles, blogs, an anthology, and a play advanced to The Detroit Repertory Theater. 

Her work, dubbed as "moving" by television producers, ushered in an appearance on the original Queen Latifah Show.

"I've always wanted to write inspiring stories," she states. "I'm fascinated by individuals who're honest about their fractured lives. My characters are often based on such people."

In addition to writing books, she enjoys exploring pockets of Georgia where she now resides with her husband and daughter as well as traveling the U.S., and abroad.

Author Towns has three published novels under her belt, Twelve Years, Never Too Late, and Moment of Certainty.

My Books

My Books



Sage Jackson believed becoming a clinical therapist and working on other people's problems, she’d solve her own. She couldn’t have been more wrong. The nightmares that torment her are the manifestation of lies and secrets.

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Brenda Fairbanks, deems her marriage as everything she needs until an old tape surfaces with a mysterious woman’s voice on it. Her happiness now spirals into doubt as she sets out to uncover the truth, all the while slipping recklessly into the arms of an old flame.



Karen Williams, a former hell-raising teen, thought she’d buried her mother and the secrets carried with her . . . that is until a mysterious letter hidden within the crevices of the family home, not only reveals a dark mystery but threatens to destroy every truth she’s ever known.



"A captivating end that takes you on a journey back to the beginning. Pleasantly surprised and then some! I was filled with a plethora of emotions, as it had been a long time since I had not guessed what was on the horizon. I found myself longing for more of these characters and their experiences as my mind went racing back, unraveling their story."


“Twelve Years is the perfect read that takes you on an emotional ride that keeps you wanting to know what will happen next. From the very first chapter with the unexpected tarot reading to the last (won’t spoil it), the storyline keeps you enthralled. Good Read!! I love books from this author."

-L. Wms


"If you enjoy entertaining, engaging women’s fiction/family dramas filled with tumultuous ups and downs that will leave you guessing until the very end, then you will love Pamela Towns’s NEVER TOO LATE." 

- Denise W.

"Family saga at its best! NEVER TOO LATE is an emotional roller coaster! Wow, what a ride--bumps, twists, and turns in the guise of family secrets that center around cousins, Brenda and Gail."

- E. L. 

"Towns writes in a way that engrosses, entertains, and sometimes amuses, as she takes us on this rocky journey inside the heart of Brenda Fairbanks, a new mother ravaged by thoughts and fears of her husband’s infidelity. Beware of the things your heart can make you do! Find a warm place to curl up, because with Towns’s novels—which, by the way, keep getting better and better—you’re always in for an irresistible read."

- L. Giles


"I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and growth of a young, angry woman to a loving and caring individual when she learns the truth about her family. The struggles these two women face are real and Pamela Towns brings them to life in an interesting and sometimes humorous way that keeps you engaged to the end."

- A. Howes

"This was definitely a great book. The editing and grammar were perfect. There was not an error in sight. The cover is nice and fits the storyline. This book gives readers life. You will not want to put it down. The plot of the story was a great and befitting one. The story is about a family going through the struggle. The characters did not see eye to eye, even though they were close related. A string of events brings them closer than ever. The book flowed effortlessly. It did not seem rushed or anything. The author gave you history lessons throughout the book."

-Amazon Customer

"Moment of Certainty is a great novel to read. I would truly recommend this book to everyone. I enjoyed reading this novel, and I can't wait to read Pamela Towns next book."

- Leslyn


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