I don't just care about my characters 

I care about my readers

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ISBN-13: 978-1690808688

Brenda Fairbanks, deems her marriage as everything she needs until an old tape surfaces with a mysterious woman’s voice on it. Her happiness now spirals into doubt as she sets out to uncover the truth, all the while slipping recklessly into the arms of an old flame.

Gail Strawberry, Brenda’s wealthier first cousin, knows about the tape and doesn’t want Brenda destroying her marriage. As she tries to keep Brenda’s life afloat, her own is marred between lovers, and a family secret that may ruin her relationship with her cousin forever.

But, when Brenda survives an unimaginable tragedy, she and Gail are forced to trudge through the reality of their lives and the haunting past of family skeletons. In spite of everything, there’s one secret Gail has yet to fully divulge.

ISBN- 13: 978-1518613296

Karen Williams, a former hell-raising teen, thought she’d buried her mother and the secrets carried with her . . . that is until a mysterious letter hidden within the crevices of the family home, not only reveals a dark mystery but threatens to destroy every truth she’s ever known.


Val Williams, Karen’s sister, has been a victim of abuse at the hands of their deceased mother’s boyfriend. She is carrying a wicked burden that clouds both her sanity and her livelihood.


Together, these sisters muddle through their mother’s death, financial disaster, job woes and a lifetime of conflict, rejection, and hurt to reach the moment of certainty where the truth may just set them both free.